• Dromaeosaurus albertensis


    Dromaeosaurus albertensis is one of the rarest theropods from the American west. They were closely related to Velociraptor but significantly larger. Known only from a collection of partial skeletons, this specimen represents the latest interpretation of its anatomy, composited from several individuals.

    Fast, agile and vicious, Dromaeosaurus ("swift, running lizard") probably hunted in packs, preying on the infirm and young of larger dinosaur species. Attacking with their lethal “killing claw”, they were able to latch onto their prey with both their feet and large clawed hands to inflict mortal wounds. Dromaeosaurus differs from most of its relatives in having a short, massive skull, a deep mandible, and robust teeth. Its jaws were used for crushing and tearing rather than simply slicing through flesh. It is estimated that Dromaeosaurus had a bite nearly three times as powerful as that of Velociraptor and suggested it relied more on its jaws than on the sickle claw to kill its prey.

    Modern interpretation of some fossil remains is leading paleontologists to think that Dromaeosaurs and other dinosaurs had feathers. What color were they? That’s still open to speculation!

    This cast replica skeleton can be custom mounted to your specifications in any pose.  A pack of Dromaeosaurs taking down a juvenile Edmontosaurus demonstrates the power of hunting in packs for these lethal predators.

    LOCALITY: Alberta, Canada
    FORMATION: Dinosaur Park
    LENGTH: 8 feet (2.3 m)
    HEIGHT AT HIPS:  3 feet (1 m)
    AVAILABLE: Cast Replica Skeleton